Ancient Therapies - Forever Young (clay_bee_snake) wrote in happy_health,
Ancient Therapies - Forever Young

Maybe my weird sleep patterns and my tiredness etc....

"Maybe my weird sleep patterns are partly due to eating proteins (such as cheese) in the evening.
I'll try not doing that for a week and we'll see.

First, I just want to see if my tiredness etc. could be attributed to hypoglycemia (hope I spelled it correctly) -
making sure to eat every 2 - 3 hours,... So far it went well...
" (</b></a>

I have just posted very few things here:
Nutritional Supplements with herbs & Homeopathy - PRESCRIPTION & DOSAGE ...
And some more...

I know that this could help you sleep better and not to feel so tired - for sure...


PS I think,
a, that you live somewhere close to San Francisco -
we can get in touch about all of this or communicate through e-mail...
Or if you are somewhere around Reno, NV or Dallas, TX...
I don't travel much further these days...
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