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Probiotics have demonstrated immune-stimulating effects.

"Probiotics have demonstrated immune-stimulating effects.
Probiotics are known as the “friendly” bacteria or “flora” found in your digestive system
(primarily the small and large intestine).
Lactobacillus acidophilus is perhaps the probiotic that most people are familiar with,
yet there are many other types of probiotics now on the market." (David J. Foreman, RPh., ND)

Probably , if I'd look for something like that - I'd try maybe
Lee Swanson's Signature Line "Ultimate Probiotic Formula":

Or perhaps, maybe "Ultimate 10 Probiotic" formula at Vitamin Shoppe:

Swanson's web-site says about probiotics in that "Ultimate Probiotic Formula":

# Helps keep the intestinal tract healthy and the immune system strong

# Over 60 billion organisms per capsule

# Fortified with prebiotic FOS to help multiply "friendly" bacteria

Ultimate Probiotic Formula is the highest potency probiotic formula on the market today, featuring an unprecedented 60 billion organisms per capsule. It includes more than 20 billion acidophilus organisms along with select cultures like Morinaga BB-536 and the famous Kyo-Dophilus blend. But that's not all. Ultimate Probiotic Formula also includes 100 mg of prebiotic NutraFlora short chain FOS to nourish the probiotic organisms and help them thrive. Be sure to take the supplement with food as directed on the label. Doing so will raise the pH level of your stomach to a 3 or 4, which effectively allows the organisms to survive the acid in your stomach and eliminates the need for an enteric-coating.

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