andreya (andreya) wrote in happy_health,

Learning to FLY - or, eat in a healthy way ;)

I've been looking into healthy food books again. I had a feeling we ate quite healthy food, but hmm...
We use wholewheat products - bread, pasta... usually eat salad and vegetables every day...
And try to be as organic as possible (not always possible, no apples this year /sigh/)

I'll try to separate proteins and carbs. For the sake of Granny and Sis, too.
Eat carbs in the morning and the evening, proteins somewhere inbetween.

When I do the menus they're basically vegetarian (carb) anyway!! (To great misery of Dad & co.) But they go along with it cause it's WAAY easier than coming up with own menus! LOL

I'll also gradually reduce/avoid stuff that could trigger candida for a while. Such as sugar and sweets... (Which I wanted to reduce to minimum anyway!) Unfortunately, sweet fruit comes under this category too...

Maybe my weird sleep patterns are partly due to eating proteins (such as cheese) in the evening. I'll try not doing that for a week and we'll see.

Later, I'll check for possible sensitivities to milk products, and then gluten that's in wheat.

So, that sounds like a plan! Still needs some work, but it's a start!
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