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The Truth About The Dangers Of Modern Medicine

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What Doctors Don't Tell You: : The Truth About The Dangers Of Modern Medicine by Lynne McTaggart

Very well researched medical reference., November 26, 2005

This is an outstanding rebuttal of Western medical practices.
Among all reviewers, the book has been well received except for the ones within the medical establishment. For the latter, the book is uncomfortable as it amounts to a well researched attack on many common practices running from vaccines to bypass surgeries. Nothing works quite as well as promoted by the medical establishment. Also, everything is more dangerous in terms of side effect than your doctor suggests.

The reviewers within the medical establishment state that this book is ill informed, that the author is nearly hysterical in her over the top uninformed judgment, and that she relies on dubious and lurid sources to support her arguments.

Are any of these claims valid? No, they are not. Here is why. The author does not advance opinions without backing it with hard evidence such as randomized trials and other scientific studies. The reference section at the end of the book is amazingly long, including 1,800 references to professional medical journals. This reference section is dominated by top caliber journals such as: The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine, and Journal of Nutritional Medicine.

Additionally, fully accredited American doctors have reached the same conclusion as Lynne McTaggart. The most recent book by such a doctor/author is the excellent "The Last Well Person" by Nortin Hadler published in 2004. What's remarkable is that Lynne McTaggart's book was published in 1996 and is still current. "The Last Well Person" confirms that all her findings and statements ring as true today as they did when she wrote this book.

Taggart's last chapter amounting to her own recommendation to maintain your health make good common sense. She recommends maintaining your health through good nutrition (large dose of fruits and vegetables) lots of exercise. She recommends taking antioxidant supplements (Vit. A, Vit. C, Vit. E). She also recommends treating your doctor like you would any contractor by questioning the hows and whys of any treatments he suggests. And, double checking the performance of such proposed treatments through second and third opinions and searches on Medline. I don't think there is any open minded doctor that would disagree with this advice. And, I can tell you firsthand that this simple approach works. That's pretty much what I have done personally for the past few decades to maintain a very good health.

In addition to "The Last Well Person" I recommend another related book by a doctor/author: "Should I be Tested for Cancer?" by H. Gilbert Welch. It's an excellent book that further supports Lynne McTaggart's well founded skepticism of Western medical practice. There are many more such books written by doctors. In other words, Lynne McTaggart is far from alone. And, her opinion is hopefully much closer to the mainstream than it was when she wrote this book.

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